Voice of a Weary General – War of Thrones

The rain battered the high canopy leaves and dripped down the veins of prehistoric plants like falling memories. The memories whispered of warrior’s voices lost to the past. The smells of life washed out into the dirt through the rain-carved channels.

In all of this frenzy, surrounded by a living forest and captured by his thoughts, Aries sat in contemplation. His exposed chest revealing the scarred tortured flesh of arrow wounds as the creases in his brow deepened in remembrance of his dream.  His calloused hands rested on old knees as the General spoke to the Ancient Woods.

“My men will find me in this forsaken place and I am not anxious to be found.  I have lived a long life.   Although in the past, women and drink have kept me from my thoughts, today you have my full attention.  Behind my back, I hear the good people of the countryside curse my name.  From Waymarsh to the decrepit halls of Blackice Spire, creatures across the land follow the beat of my drums of War.”

The rain continued unabated as Aries focused intently on a spotted mushroom nearby. The drops infused with energy as they bounced from the canopy to the purplish cap. With each drop hitting the fungus, the great General could see within the splash a past soul that he had slain.  Aries thought to himself, ‘My father’s servant, a Rockshore bandit, a child…’  as he watched the procession of images flash before his mind’s eye.

Originally the war had been about territory, but boundaries shifted and eventually the reason for war was as much a part of the kingdom as the Tundra wolves the Northerners rode upon.  For Aries, this new page was the beginning of the end in the history of Easteros.

Aries knew the world needed a hero.  Only a champion will bring an end to this War of Thrones.

Your Journey begins at http://warofthrones.voomga.com


Be the Grand Champion on War of Thrones New Server!

Do you have a darker side? Developing a sinister side never felt as good as it does on Voomga’s new 3D web game ‘War of Thrones’. With thousands of players already joining the action, test your blade against others with detailed PvP and guild features. ‘War of Thrones’ is launching a new server in Malaysia today at 2pm (11/23/2011), and puts you into a world where you create the legend.

Experience the in-depth ranking system where levels, titles and your overall skill as a warrior appear before the player community. Watch the rankings to track your progress and keep an eye on your fellow adventurers.  Explore the games expansive terrain, a world that covers the wintry north, the parched western deserts and the lush lands of the southern kingdom. The amazing 3D detail in ‘War of Thrones’ has never been seen before in a browser based game. Unlike client-based games like ‘World of Warcraft’ there are no downloads so you can enjoy instant gameplay.

Use attack techniques like ‘Concussive Barrage’, which sends out two deadly and painful thrusts to slow an enemy, or the passive skill “Deadliness” which focuses your internal energy to increase damage and accuracy. Upgrading a skill improves both its effectiveness and can raise your attributes, but to obtain the skill points needed to upgrade a technique, you must use the skill often.

Raising skills is important but in ‘War of Thrones’ mastering the equipment and relic upgrade systems will make you a top contender. Follow the wisdom of ancient scrolls and etch your armour with powerful inscriptions or socket powerful gems on your items. With the upgraded stats and bonuses from gems and inscriptions, you will change the fate of Easteros.

On your quest for glory discover hundreds of unique weapons and armour dropped from epic instance bosses.  Wearing epic and legendary equipment will make you a force to be reckoned with.  So fill your bags with healing herbs and join the adventure on ‘War of Thrones’.

Thousands Await the Launch of the First 3D Browser RPG On Tuesday, 11/22/11

Friday, November 18, 2011

Thousands of players are anxiously awaiting the upcoming launch of the first 3D browser-based RPG MMO, “War of Thrones”. Scheduled for a live US Server launch this Tuesday at 8:30 pm EST, 11/22/11. This free game title brings players World of Warcraft style gameplay without monthly fees or long downloads. With the attraction of instant gameplay, gamers world-wide will soon discover the excitement of the next generation in browser-based entertainment.

Game testers have reportedly trembled with awe when they saw the immersive 3D gameplay within their web browser. New gamers are preparing themselves for an epic adventure across 43 cities, countless dungeon instances, unlimited character customization and hundreds of items.


With the ranking boards, players can see in real time their rank against other players in a variety of categories including overall rank, PVP, military and assassination rank. This competitive and social aspect of the game, combined with engaging 3D graphics, makes ‘War of Thrones’ a shining light in the darkness of the browser gaming landscape.

Guild Warfare:

Through a unique system of guild warfare, players strive to dominate the landscape by taking over cities and towns as they battle with rival factions in their quest for supremacy. Players can gather an army of valiant warriors to represent their House and defend it with honor. There is also a sophisticated guild management system with dozens of unique guild buffs, items and abilities.

Party Questing:

With more than a dozen dungeon instances, players can create or join a party of up to five members for great experience bonuses. Each dungeon has Normal, Heroic and Legendary difficulties, with the most dangerous dungeons dropping the rarest items and equipment.

Solo Questing:

Every young hero sets out for fame and fortune with a few words of wisdom and in ‘War of Thrones’ the detailed quest guide sets players on the right track. They can explore expansive 3D environments and fight against hundreds of unique monsters on their path to glory!

Character Customization:

Gamers can master one of four weapon classes and use their skills to wield hundreds of upgradeable items. Zodiac points and trade skills give the power to choose one’s own destiny in ‘War of Thrones’.

Players worldwide are flocking to http://wot.voomga.com to see what people are calling the new ‘3D revolution in browser-based gaming’






Gamers Takeover ‘War of Thrones’

Adventurers are flocking to the land of Easteros, where 3D action takes center stage on Voomga’s new browser-based MMORPG, ‘War of Thrones’. Find a good sword and join thousands of players in a fantasy world of intense PvP action. Experience three unique kingdoms and journey to exotic dungeons without worrying about downloads or load times. In ‘War of Thrones’ only a hero’s might will save the kingdoms from destruction.

With the world on the brink of war, players must band together to keep the territory from crumbling into the nether world. Northern Barbarians are starting to freeze their rabbits and eat small mice to save their resources for the upcoming battle. The boars of the south are learning that armor is crunchy on the outside but chewy in the middle. In the west Desert Raiders smear their weapons with poisoned cactus sap (delirious death by the drop). The signs of war are looming on the horizon and with hundreds of ways to customize characters, ‘War of Thrones’ throws players into the fray.

Players throw caution to the wind as ‘War of Thrones’ offers an unusual line up of pets and mounts. From the flaming tendons of the phoenix to the muscled back of a majestic gorilla, players can ride in style regardless of which mount they choose. Those who dare ride on the back of an ancient beast will find their muscles bursting with strength and agility, as mounts are one of the fastest ways to improve stats and skills. Holding unto a relic like the ‘Seven Star Blade’ will also improve a player’s stats, and carrying two relics is even better.

Battle-scarred blades clash as warriors slip across the blood soaked sand of the Arena. Players can face off against champions from other nations and even form guilds to experience PvP siege battles. Dust off the old training books and prepare to bloody your blade, because in ‘War of Thrones’ the action doesn’t take a holiday. With a comprehensive ranking system, there is a place for players to carve their mark on the world of Easteros.

Under the shade of a massive ‘shroom’, Team Voomga interviews a wizened crone. He picks a gnat out of one very hairy ear and says, “Warriors have been munching on my cabbage all morning. Ever since War of Thrones launched on Voomga, I haven’t had any peace or quiet! I’m trying to live out these golden days in the countryside, but these youngins keep eating my veggies.”

The massive traffic generated by www.voomga.com is causing management to be concerned. Join the adventure Today!

Shockwave Tremors Threaten Gamers Worldwide

A leaked report from the inside is causing hysteria with fans worldwide.  Because of this, Gamewave Interactive has finally decided to go public with the news that has, up until now, been a highly sensitive secret.

This coming Friday night at 10pm EST will be the launch of a new page in history.    For the first time, since the internet has been invented, American players will now be able to experience an immersive 3D RPG MMO within their web browser!  This ground-breaking game is called “War of Thrones and this new dimension in entertainment is causing shockwaves to ripple out around the planet, with tidal wave warnings coming into full effect in Malaysia, China and coastal regions of the United States.   Some say that the very tremors initiated by this explosive event may even trigger the San Andreas Fault lines and send California into the Pacific.

Where some analysts are critical of the dire side effects created by an event of such monumental proportions, gamers are excited and think that the  “shacking, rumbling and tumbling” effects of the earthquakes are actually enhancing their online gameplay experience, provided, of course, that their internet connection is not interrupted.

Not live and playable until Friday night at 10pm, this phenomena is causing thousands of gamers to sit immobile, staring at their computer screens in a catatonic state as they watch the minutes tick by in a breathless suspense.  Some YouTube videos are surfacing that detail this strange occurrence that is baffling doctors worldwide.

Launch day is this Friday, November 18th, 2011 at 10pm.   The company is warning players not to try playing the game without an extensive medical examination and a green light from your doctor.